Apple "Error 53"

What causes Error 53 on Apple devices?

Simply put apple have released firmware which locks out "bricks" devices using NON GENUINE parts. Currently it affects apple devices that have had the home button replaced with non apple parts but there nothing to stop Apple from releasing software updates to recognise any part as being a cheap copy.

How can i fix this?

NO matter what said there is currently no fix. simply put if your apple device has error 53 it is effectively an expensive paperweight.

will i receive refund from the cheap phone shop that replaced my screen/ home button/ digitaliser?


in conclusion. if you have your expensive iphone home button replaced at a corner shop, mobile phone shop you run the risk of it being locked out after any software update.
NB Apple do not sell parts to NON APPLE SHOPS.
Independant iphone error 53 article
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